Slow Cooker Thai Chicken With Almond Butter Sauce

Let go of the take-out menu and embrace this yummy Slow Cooker Thai Chicken with Almond Butter Sauce.  If you have been craving some Asian-inspired cuisine- here it is!  It might sound a little fancy, but this recipe can be put together in a matter of minutes.  The nutty almond butter sauce is perfectly savory with a hint of sweet and spice!

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My New Year’s Challenge

Resolutions may be a thing of the past.  In our current culture, anti-resolution talk is everywhere.  We are dissuaded from making these unrealistic proclamations that less than 5 % of individuals actually achieve.  Ironically, productivity experts, health gurus, organization masters, finance coaches and other wizards are all busy promoting their stellar programs to help you overcome your biggest obstacles and become your best self…

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11 Secrets to Lightening Up Your Holiday Dishes without Sacrificing Flavor (Tips from a Foodie Dietitian)

What does a dietitian eat during the holidays?  Well, many dietitians are foodies at heart- we love amazing food that makes your mouth water just describing it! A flavor punch, a combination of textures, a perfect bite that hits all the right places on your tongue- this is what get’s us excited and ready to embark on our next food experience.  But many Registered Dietitians, like myself, are also dedicated to sharing how to enjoy these fun and memorable food experiences with a side of moderation and balance…

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