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Hi there, I'm Jennifer

  • Mommy to a joyful and active 2-year-old and expecting another little girl October 2017!
  • Wife to a sweet and ingenuitive husband who is also a "recovering picky eater"
  • Lover of all things delicious food and wine
  • Champion of working Moms as they juggle an often demanding and fast-paced life

Thanks so much for stopping by!

What Healthy Inspiration is All About...

Healthy Inspiration is a blog that I created to share science-based nutrition information, really easy, but delicious recipes, and a HUGE dose of encouragement to live the life you want!  We live in a culture with strong messaging that says your unique value is found in your outward appearance, social media "likes", initials after your name, and discovered calling.  But, living up to 'all that', looking good in a bathing suit and raising kids that eat tofu and kale sounds practically impossible to me!

After working in healthcare as a Private Practice and Outpatient Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, my heart longed to help the working moms who were trying to 'do all' and 'be all.'  I saw the overwhelm.  I saw the tears of frustration.  I saw the deep-seeded desire to be the healthy, fit woman she dreamed of, but the responsibilities and expectations of family and life seemed to fill her plate to overflowing.

However, it wasn't until I became a mom that I truly understood the conflicting priorities, sacrifice and overwhelm.  I understood how a desire could be so strong in your heart but life could cloud the vision, extinguish the little bit of motivation, and deceive us that investing in self is selfish.

Unveil Beautiful, Healthy You...

I believe that you are incredible and possess a unique blend of gifts, talent and personality unlike any other!  Your BMI does not define you. Your jeans size doesn't make you more or less beautiful.  But, I also don't want your health, weight, or negative thinking to interfere with your ability to live out your purpose with energy and a zest for life!  My passion is to help you nourish your body, live intentionally and feed your family well!

When you look good you feel good, when you feel good you do good. -- Georges St. Pierre

It is so much easier to walk with confidence, serve others, and make an impact on our world when we love the woman in the mirror... really value and respect her...and when we think she is sexy!

Everything You Need...

Every article, resource and service on Healthy Inspiration will

  • arm you with knowledge and truth
  • empower you to make the changes YOU WANT to make
  • encourage you to choose the health path that works for you
  • boost your confidence in your body's ability to work for you, not against you

No fads. No guilt trips. No unrealistic expectations.

My Promise...

I promise to encourage, inspire and fill you with creative and yummy ideas every time you drop by Healthy Inspiration!  Nutrition is my career, but YOU are my passion.  Helping you lose the overwhelm, identify a simple and easy nutrition plan, and live with confidence is what makes me come alive and propels me to work even harder at serving you!  I hope you will feel free to fly, excited to try and eager to dream beyond your ideal jeans size.


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