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Do You Have a Hero Living Under Your Roof?

Never had I felt so helpless.  But, never have I felt so relieved.  My daughter was a newborn with colic.  Our family lived away and my husband and I were on our own, learning how to care for this tiny baby girl.  But, she wouldn’t stop crying.  Holding her was about the only thing that would do the trick, and that wasn’t always reliable.  It was in those early weeks that my husband embodied ‘hero.’

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Is Walking REALLY Good Enough?

Walking is man’s best medicine. — Hippocrates

Over 2000 years ago, a Greek physician claimed that walking (and food) were the best types of medicine for man.  He believed the secret to staying healthy hung on these 2 things.  Just 200 years ago, Thomas Jefferson proclaimed walking as the “best possible exercise.”  Best- that’s quite a statement!

But now, hundreds of years later, does the research still support this?

Is walking really good enough?

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4 Highly Effective Habits of Those Who Lost Weight and Kept It Off

Diets are obsolete, right?  We know that they just don’t work long-term. Yet, we continue to be fed messages that indicate that specially designed meal plans, diet phases, rules, and guidelines will get us results!

If you are one of millions that are trying to lose weight, trim up or reduce body fat, it’s natural for ears to perk when someone claims there is a plan that will get you where you want to go.

But, what will really yield success?

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Freedom Isn’t Free

My family enjoys freedoms every day thanks to veterans and service men and women.  These individuals accept risk with courage, believe in a cause greater than oneself and live with convictions of honor, duty and responsibility.   We honor you today!   Thank you.

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Citrus Asian Coleslaw

What are you taking to the Memorial Day BBQ?!  It is estimated that 75% of us are going to be firing up our grills for a festive afternoon celebration with friends and family!  Don’t get ‘stuck’ bringing the chips, a heavy side dish or just another pie to load up the already full dessert table.  Instead, bring a dish you feel good about eating and sharing with the people you love!

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Unexpected Gifts

Sometimes gifts show up in unexpected packages.
An entire year…that’s 12 months… 365 days…That’s how long it took for me to lose every last pound of pregnancy weight. I had shed all but about 5 pounds, but those stubborn little guys clung to me like those little “hitch-hiker” seeds that used to cling to our socks. It was really very frustrating and in many ways made me question my self-discipline, knowledge, years of training and experience, motivation,…everything!
What I knew, coached, preached, lived… didn’t seem to be working.

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3 Simple & Delicious Ways to Add Veggies to Family Favorites

What if living longer isn’t as much about what not to eat and more about what to eat?  Well according to some recent research published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, eating more fruit and vegetables could actually prevent 7.8 million premature deaths worldwide!!

Eating just 2 ½ servings of fruits and vegetables reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke 13-18% AND reduced risk of early death by 15%.  This is good news!  BUT, the research found that eating about 10 servings of fruits and veggies had some astounding benefits…

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