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Healthy Inspiration 2017 Christmas Gift Guide

Still searching for the ‘perfect gift?’  Or maybe someone is begging you for ideas for you but you have been at a loss for what you want or need?  This Healthy Inspiration 2017 Christmas Gift Guide has creative, fun and functional ideas for those looking to get fit and stay healthy in the new year!


Food & Nutrition Magazine

This is my all time favorite magazine… EVER!  Filled with information on current trends, research, and mouthwatering recipes, this magazine is perfect for ‘foodies’ and anyone who is looking for research-based easy to read articles.  The book reviews give you a quick synopsis so you know what is worth reading. Find dozens of healthy, eye-appealing recipes that will make you eager to get in your kitchen.  Don’t miss the reviews on new apps and kitchen tools too!  This magazine is filled with inspiration, clever ideas, and gorgeous photos- the perfect gift for anyone who loves to all things food and nutrition.  

Cost: $15-25 (1 and 2 year options)


Skincare Basket

Pamper the special people in your life with a beautiful gift basket of skincare products that will help her (or him!) achieve a healthy glow in 2018!  This article, A Quick & Nourishing Skincare Routine For the Busy Woman, gives a short 4 step skin care routine that is convenient and easy, created by my personal Aesthetician, Courtney Waller.  These affordable products can easily be found on Amazon or at a health foods store and don’t have a long list of unrecognizable “ingredients.”  In fact, most of them are 1 ingredient products that are beneficial for most skin types!  Simply print out the skincare routine on some nice cardstock and slip into the gift basket along with the pampering products.  This radiant glow gift basket is perfect for mommies and any woman short on time!

Step 1: Jojoba Cleansing Oil

Step 2: Witch Hazel or Rose Water Toner

Step 3: Vitamin C Serum Treatment

Step 4: Argan Oil Moisturizer

Cost: ~$40


Devotions for a Healthier You by Katie Farrell, RN

Creator of Dashing Dish, a meal planning website, Katie Farrell does an amazing job encouraging healthful living and a healthy mindset.  Having followed Katie for years, I love how she helps women identify lies we believe about our health and bodies and then offers truth in love.  She develops delicious recipes that I make on a regular basis and champions women in their health journey.  Her devotional includes 71 short devotions filled with scripture, stories, and encouragement along with dozens of pages of healthy recipes and a meal plan.  The food photography is stunning.  This hardback book, Devotions for a Healthier You, l is an excellent gift for a friend or co-worker who is walking the health journey from the inside out.  It’s also the perfect size for your stocking too! Grab this book here.

Cost: ~$10


Raw Spice Bar Quarterly Spice Box

Herbs and spices are the easiest, fastest and healthiest way to change the flavor composition of any food or recipe!  But it’s easy to get stuck using the same seasonings day after day, especially if you don’t have a well-stocked spice cabinet or don’t know how to use what you already have.  Raw Spice Bar Quarterly Spice Box sends out 6 different high-quality, freshly ground spices each quarter to help any cook add remarkable flavor to a dish!  The spice box also provides flavorful recipes to use the spices you receive each shipment. This is a great gift for the adventurous cook or anyone looking to spice up their meals!  

Cost: $50-90


40 Days of Faith & Fitness- A Devotional Journal by Marsha Apsley, MS, LMHC

With a heart to encourage and inspire women in their journey to health and wholeness, Marsha Aspley has written a new devotional, 40 Days of Faith & Fitness: A Devotional Journal.  Too often we separate our spiritual walk from our health.  But, Marsha is blending the two as she delves into loving and caring for our bodies.  You can read an excerpt from Marsha’s devotional in this guest post, Confidence or Community: Are You Seeking the Right One?  If you or someone you know is looking for a daily devotional plan to stay focused in the new year, definitely check out Marsha’s book.  You can find it here.

Cost: ~$10


Active Faith Workout Gear

This sportswear company is based in Houston, Texas, and creates inspiring, trendy and functional activewear.  I love these ‘I Can’ t-shirts and these ‘Fearfully & Wonderfully Made tanks that are made of easy dry moisture wicking material.  And these pullover hoodies for women (and these for men) are sleek with awesome color choices.  T-shirts, hoodies, wristbands, shorts, leggings, hats, water bottles,… Active Faith sports gear has great gifts for all ages and budgets. They take fitness to a new level by reminding us to do “all for the glory of God.”

Cost: $5-50



This is probably one of the most fun kitchen tools there is!  If you or a friend doesn’t have one yet- you need it!  While this spiralizer is the one you will find in my kitchen at present, I really want to get this Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer Pro because I want to have the option to spiralize sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots, apples and more!  Paderno has continued to be the acclaimed best spiralizer out there for many years but various brands have kicked it up a notch to compete for this title.  Spiralizers differ in the number of blades, size, ease of use and quality, but there is one out there to meet the needs of every home cook!  Consider storage space and desired use before buying.  This small one is great for a work gift exchange, but you might want to consider the versatile Paderno Spiralizer for a close friend or family member.  Anyone looking to make veggies more fun for kids and adults alike should consider adding a spiralizer to their kitchen tools!  

Cost: $10-30



This may not be on anyone’s wish list, but this kitchen tool should be in every healthy cook’s kitchen!  Just add the oil of your choice, pump it up with air and spray.  While you can buy cooking spray in the grocery store, the ingredients list more than just oil… some ingredients you might not want to spray on food.  However, the Misto can be spritzed on steamed broccoli, used to roast veggies, sprayed on chicken before baking and used to make baked goods.  Simply wash and refill it when needed!  For less than $10, you have a kitchen tool that gives you control over the quality of the fats you add to your meals and over the long haul, will save you money.  This clever stocking stuffer is the perfect idea for the healthy cook and every nutrition label reader you know!

Cost: $10 or less


Tea Infuser

Tea is *HOT* right now… no, cold!  In our house, there is always a pitcher of brewed herbal tea in the fridge.  I drink cold or warm it up for a delightful beverage when I get bored with water.  I bought a simple tea infuser several months back and use it weekly but this tea pitcher with infuser would be a great gift!  Several years back I bought a teacup with infuser for single servings, similar to this gorgeous teacup with lid, saucer, and infuser.  However, this Tea Branch Tea Mug & Infuser AND this Tea Forte’ cup with infuser are beautiful as well!  Tea combinations and flavors are exponential making tea an interesting beverage that never gets old!  If you think you don’t like tea, I challenge you to give it another try!  And, grab one of these teacups for a friend!

Cost: $15-25

Now, go get shopping!!


DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase a product through this link, your cost will be the same but Healthy Inspiration will receive a small commission to help with the operating costs of this blog.  Thank you for your support!

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